Kristin Marie Stelter
Actor - Collaborator - Writer

Artist Statement

Artist Statement


Theatre saved my life.

After losing my mother to an impossibly long battle with colon cancer in 2002, at age fourteen I started self injuring and later attempted suicide. Through the theatrical community, I found acceptance and imperative expression. It is in this art form that I was able to understand the significance of a life.

I write stories that reflect those dark places in the hopes of reaching audiences that need to hear them. I act in various styles and productions to better know myself and the world around me.

I sing to get to the heart of the human condition.

I draw and collage to further understand the tangles of my own mind.

My experience in life and in art has taught me the importance of telling stories. In telling my own story through various mediums, I examine and expose the lie that we are alone in our experiences. I show my scars unabashedly to free those that have been hiding them.

As someone living with mental illness, I seek to spark empathy in those who are neurotypical while speaking directly to audience members who are struggling, saying you are not alone. The stigma we face every day needs to end.

Theatre saved my life. It continues to do so. My contributions to the artistic community are an endeavor to pay it forward with humility, respect, and gratitude. 





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